Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Comet Boattini Again

Its been a while since I've mentioned Comet Boattini. But we've been observing it every evening, clouds permitting.

This picture is from Saturday evening, when the comet was near the bright-ish star Rho Puppis. This is a stack of about 34 thirty second long exposures at F 2.8 and ISO 1600. You can see the comet, even in the thumbnail image, as a fuzz towards the upper left of the picture.

The comet moves quite a bit from night to night. On Monday night, it was just to the left of Xi Puppis and made a nice sight with M93, which is to the right of Xi Pup.

By tonight, (Wednesday) the comet will be closing in on the big triangle that forms the hindquarters of Canus Major. The comet is heading towards the sun, so it is getting lower in the western sky each night. It is still easy to see here in the Tropics, but we do need to have clear skies along the horizon in the evening.

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