Wednesday, June 25, 2008

North West Corner

One of the less visited areas of Bonaire is the coastline between the Bopec oil terminal and the fishing village of Playa Frans. The dirt road the runs along the coast is super scenic, and there are indian inscriptions that can be found, if one knows where to look. Back before the storm surge from Lenny, Nukove used to be one of our favorite snorkeling areas, but the diving is said to be quite good still. The area around Playa Frans looks pretty good too. At the Bopec end of the road, one can access the water from a crushed coral beach of sorts. I call it tire beach because of the many tires that have washed up there. The picture above is from the north end of tire beach looking towards a point where the beach ends and cliffs begin to form the shoreline. You can just see a big boulder sticking up out of the water at the point.
The boulder at the right side of the above picture is the same one seen in the first picture. We are looking back south towards tire beach from the first of the old garbage truck dumping ramps. You can see my trusty bicycle resting at the edge of the cement platform.
In the above picture, we are looking south from the second of the old garbage dumping ramps. The garbage dumping areas are not that far apart, and glass beach was located right between them. A larger version of this picture can be found here.
Some day, when it is calm, I plan to snorkel from tire beach along the shore to this area. It's maybe a half mile to a mile I would guess. I've got GPS readings from all these spots but I haven't checked the distances yet. The water here doesn't look as "user friendly" as most spots.
Here is what glass beach looks like today, looking north towards the second of the garbage dump ramps. The boulders at the water level seem to have moved around some, and the glass and polished stones are completely gone, but the main ledges are more or less in the same configuration as I remember them. A somewhat larger version of this picture can be found here.

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