Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Beach Glass

Way back in the dim and distant past, Bonaire's trash was dumped into the sea from two spots a little bit to the north of where Bopec is now. You can still see the cement pads on the shore where the garbage trucks backed up to the edge of the cliff. Located between the two dumping zones was a small beach that was made up of small polished rocks and beach glass. As someone who had walked many a mile along the shores of N. America, searching for a precious piece of beach glass, this spot on Bonaire, known as Glass Beach, was beyond my wildest dreams
Glass Beach is gone now. Storms have changed the shoreline, and the constant supply of glass has dried up, now that Bonaire's trash is deposited in a managed landfill.
Red, blue, and yellow pieces were probably the most difficult to find, but as you can see, there were plenty of them at glass beach.

These are the bottoms of bottles that have been rounded and smoothed by the action of the sea. I guess they were too thick to be broken like the rest of the bottles.

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Doug said...

I fondly remember "Glass Beach" and am sorry to hear that it has since disappeared. It brought endless hours of "treasure" hunting for kids of all ages. Thanks for the memories.