Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bonaire Biking

I recently posted kids pix from the mtn. bike race on Sunday. Here is a shot of the adult group getting ready to go. The five women who participated are pretty much hidden in this shot, but they made their presence known once out on the course. I rode with the group fun ride Tuesday. The kids from the race were there and a whole bunch of adults too. We did a fairly long ride, passing through the hills east of Antriol, some kunuku roads north of Tras di Montana, up over Sero Largu, up to Republik, and back to Eden Beach by way of Hato. I'll have to bring my GPS next time so I can post the route. It was a good ride.

More people are out and about on road bikes this week, because there is a Triathalon this weekend. I think road biking here is making a mini comeback these days, after being pretty invisible for a number of years following the demise of the Bonaire Cycling Club.

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