Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Venus and Mercury

Did any of you get to see Venus and Mercury yet? The two planets are still quite visible in the west, shortly after sunset, here on Bonaire.

Sandra and I were talking to our son, Richard, last Friday night, when the moon was sitting right next to Saturn. I mentioned it to him on the phone and wondered he would be able to see it if he ran outside there in Bloomfield, NJ. He replied, "Dad, it's c o o o l d out there!"

Speaking of cold, the thermometer was all the way down to 75 F on Sat. and Sun. morning. It was cloudy and rainy those days too.

Here is another view of Venus and Mercury from our back yard on Monday evening. I took the photo from about the same spot that I took the rainbow picture that appeared here recently, but I had the lens zoomed in more for the planets. But you can still see some of the same trees in the foreground.

I'm using this planet shot as my desktop wallpaper these days. Mercury is way down by the bottom of the frame.

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