Monday, February 26, 2007

Indoor Cycling Part 2

Oh yeah, the way these blogs work means that part 2 of this story appears before part 1. So you'll just have to scroll down to see part 1.

What do Sandra Swanson, Richard Simmonds, Mattel, and Fisher-Price have in common? They are into indoor cycling. Check out the happy tyke peddling away on the new "Smart Cycle". It hooks to a TV and allows the kiddies to play educational video games as long as they keep those pedals turning 'round.

The device has been receiving favorable media attention since it's big debut in New York a couple weeks ago, and bloggers have been having a field day with it and Richard Simmonds, as well. Fisher-Price hopes it will become a "must have" item this Christmas. Hey, kids like video games, and bikes, and parents will welcome something that helps them burn off all that kid energy.

Now if they can just hook it up with an Internet connection so that the US Cycling Federation can identify future Lance Armstrongs... anyone remember the movie "The Last Starfighter?"

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