Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ratzlaff Roundup

Wayne and Bonnie Ratlaff are visiting Bonaire again and stopped by the TWR studios the other day. Wayne is a nephew of Betty Ratzlaff Henriquez, who spent 30 years on Aruba with The Evangelical Alliance Mission and then 15 years here on Bonaire with TWR.

Betty taught Papiamentu classes for the TWR staff and put together a Papiamentu-English, English-Papiamentu dictionary that is now out of print, but still in demand.

Here is a photo of Betty and Benito. Looks like they've exchanged the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean for the white snow drifts of Canada.

Benito and Betty have just started a blog of their own, in the Papiamentu language. So far, you can find contact info., some biographical information, some devotional thoughts, and some interesting observations on the different flavors of Papiamentu on the ABC islands.

Betty says that she'll be including pictures as soon as they figure out how to do that. I can relate to that problem. I'm still trying to come up with a good work flow for including pictures now that I'm using the new "improved" version of the blogger software.

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