Sunday, February 25, 2007

Wonderful Washington Wildlife

Saturday was my maiden voyage with a new GPS receiver. We were able to get a Garmin Fortrex 101 on a good pre-Christmas sale, and it just arrived here on Bonaire about a week ago. This GPS is small enough to wear on one's wrist and has variable resolution settings. I set it to take readings as often as possible and ended up with a more detailed track record of my trip than I was getting with the other unit I've been using.

The graph shows elevation versus distance using feet for the elevation and miles for the distance. I rode from my house in Hato on mostly dirt roads to Washington Park, in and out of the park on the "long route" and then back to my house. The first 8 miles and the last 8 miles of the graph are mirror images of each other, because I took the exact same route between home and Rincon. It looks like the GPS has some elevation issues at the outset, but got itself figured out by the time I rode home.

Oh yeah, the wildlife... his week I saw way more goats in the park than usual, herds and herds of them actually. I also saw a family of baby piglets hanging out with their mom by the side of the road. They were really small.

Last week I saw a herd of cattle in the park. Well, a Bonaire sized herd. The was one really really REALLY huge bull and 5 or so other cattle of some sort. The bull might not have looked so intimidating if I had been cruising along in a SUV or something , but looking up at him as I rode by on my bike was a mooving experience. The bull was definitely giving me the evil eye as I rode by and I was glad that I wasn't wearing my bright red cycling jersey that day!

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