Saturday, April 10, 2004


While my parents were here, we went on the bumpy dirt road around Bopec and out to Playa Frans. It was clear and not that windy, so we saw Curacao pretty easily and there were lots of "nose gnats" as one MK calls them.

We also saw flamingos in Goto Lake and Salina Frans. We stopped at Nukove to check it out. There was some damage resulting from the backwards waves of Lenny in 1998, but it looks like there is still a lot of coral to see out there.

Here is a picture of the world's smallest beach, located at Nukove.

Here is a picture showing the coral rubble piled up in what used to be a snorkeling area.

Here is another shot of the beach taken from an area that used to be under water.

Here is a friendly Trupial that looked at his reflection in both side view mirrors of our pickup.

Thumbnails and larger versions of these pictures can be found on my club photo page here.

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