Monday, April 05, 2004

Expedition to Spelonk

We piled into the trusty pickup truck and headed out to Lagoen, and then North to Spelonk. The dirt roads were bumpy and dusty. We had to stop and clear the back and side windows at one point because the dust had made them completely opaque. The roads are also wider then they used to be because lots of trucks are hauling rocks and sand from the area these days. I wouldn't want to cycle out there except on Sundays and holidays, because of the truck traffic.

We got to the Spelonk caves and found that the parking area had been cleared somewhat recently, making it easier to spot from the "main road." It also seemed to let a little more breeze into the area, which was nice.

These caves are very user friendly, because one can just walk in the large opening and wander among the forests of stalactites and stalagmites. You just have to watch your step in the semi darkness and watch your head because of the stuff hanging down from the ceiling.

I've posted a bunch of pictures of the caves on my club photo site. Using a flash in the caves is discouraged, because it might disturb the bats, so I brought along a tripod and made time exposures.

We also went to the Spelonk light house. I included one picture looking south from on top of the light house. I have other pictures of the Spelonk light house from another trip there a couple years ago.

As usual, you can click on the thumbnails to see bigger versions of the pictures, and click on the bigger pictures to see even bigger versions.

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