Saturday, April 24, 2004

Closeup of Crater Clavius

I've been able to identify the locations a couple of the closeup webcam photos of the moon that I made back on Oct. 17 last year.

Here is a photo where I've labeled the bigger craters with their names. Smaller craters are labeled with their diameters, in miles.

Here is a closeup of the crater Clavius. I didn't label Clavius but it is the biggest crater and contains lots of the smaller craters that I did label. I like this picture a lot.

The smaller craters don't have names but have letters. So Clavius A would be a small crater in Clavius and Porter A would be a small Crater in Porter etc. Here are the diameters, in miles, of some of the "lettered" craters.
B 7, c 7, d 16, J 7, n 8, o 2, R 4, t 5, x 4, y 4
This will help you guess at the sizes of the unlabeled craters. There looks to be a bunch of the 2 mile ones there.
I think I'll forget about the letter names next time and just label them with their sizes.

Full size pictures can be found here by clicking on the thumbnails etc.

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