Thursday, April 01, 2004

Moon Shots - the Astronomy type

My parents and aunt and uncle have been here visiting us for almost a week now. We've had great times exploring Bonaire, drinking home made root beer, making puzzles, and hanging out. They are also enjoying to see how yucky the weather is back home, while they are basking in the Caribbean sunshine.

I went out at 3 am on Sunday morning to see the shadows of three of the moons of Jupiter cross the planet's face. I may or may not have seen all three, but did see two of them for sure.

Sunday night we went out and observed the five planets that are visible in the evenings these days. We also looked at Saturn, Jupiter, and the moon in the telescope.

Here is a picture of the moon from Sunday night showing an interesting trench-like feature that looks to have been scooped out with a giant garden trowel.

Here is a picture of the other side of the moon showing lots of craters. The moon was pretty much right at its first quarter phase that night.

Here is a link to some other pictures of the moon from last year.

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