Saturday, April 10, 2004

AquaSpace boat ride

One day last week, we went for a sail on the AquaSpace trimiran. We had all the usual boat ride fun, with the added attraction that just about the whole center hull of the boat is clear Plexiglas.

Being down in the hull is like being in a submarine with picture windows on both sides! It was fun to look at the fish and sea floor, even when we were just sitting at the dock.

Here is a shot of us on the AquaSpace as seen on one of the Bonaire Webcams cams.

Here is a shot from the boat showing the shore of Bonaire where our old house was located, before TWR sold it and the buyer demolished it and built a big fancy house. The Bonaire Webcams seacams are located on the beach hut that you can see in the lower left of the picture. More on the bonaire webcams, set up by our old neighbors and buddies the Richters, can be found here.

Here is a shot of some scuba divers down on a reef and some of the coral formations that we saw.

We sailed along the coast of Bonaire as far as oilslick leap and then headed out to Klein Bonaire for a snorkel. We then motored straignt in to Bonaire and back along the coast to the dock downtown. We went right by the old Bonaire Pastor's house and the old guest house.

More pictures from our AquaSpace adventure, including shots of my mom and dad and aunt and uncle, can be found if you go to our Club Photo page, and scroll down to the bottom.

For more on the AquaSpace sailboat and the types of outing available, check out their website. You can click on the various photos on their site, even the ones that are moving.

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