Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Speaking of Kibrahacha Trees...

Someone has just commented on my Kibrahacha trees post from 2012.    Which is very timely, because many of the Kibrahacha trees on Bonaire are blooming right this minute.

We've been experiencing "the dog days of April" lately;  rainy, cloudy, and not much wind.  (great for cycling-ha ha)
On my ride last Saturday, I spotted a few Kibrahacha trees doing their thing right by the main road in Sabadeco.  Today, those trees are past their prime, but lots more are popping.  There are a bunch on the hill east of the main road in Sabadeco.  And the new roads up there let one get up close and personal with these trees.

There are quite a few around Goto Lake and Dos Pos - I may drive out there this afternoon to take a few pictures.  And, the trees to the east of Antriol and North Saliña are starting to bloom.

I'd say that the trees in Sabadeco and up north by Goto Lake are at their peak right now, while the ones east of Antriol will probably peak tomorrow.
So, if you are on the island, be sure to get out and see them.  They'll be gone before you know it.

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