Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh Nooooo, More Kibrahacha Pix

Just when you thought it was safe to visit my blog,  I dug up some more pix from my photo phrenzy the other week.  This latest bunch of pix can be blamed on Ellen Muller, who commented on how many pix I took of the trees.  She was able to use that factoid to reassure her husband, Erwin, that her taking 90 photos of one Kibrahacha tree was perfectly normal behavior!
Well, Ellen's comment got me checking to see how many Kibrahacha pictures I really did take, when all was said and done.  I tallied up 356 with one camera, 28 with a second camera and telephoto lens, and 82 pix with a third camera during my Washington Park bike ride.  That comes to a grand total of 466 pictures. (not counting some total duds that didn't pass a first screening in Adobe Bridge)  In  my defense, I must point out that the most pictures I made of any one tree was a mere 20 images.
This week's Bonaire Reporter newspaper has a couple nice Kibrahacha pictures taken by Johan van Blerk. (that link will work until the next edition of the Reporter is posted online)  I spotted Johan's pickup truck out in the field (above) when I was on one of my photo expeditions.  I wonder how many images Johan shot?   An ad from the Green Label nursery is right below Johan's pictures.  They say that one can buy one's own Kibrahacha tree there.  Coincidence?  I think not.  I'll be there soon to see about adding a Kibrahacha to the Wayaka trees we have growing all over our yard. 

By the way, that Bonaire Reporter issue also has some other very interesting stories, including one celebrating Captain Don's 50 years on Bonaire.

I particularly like the contrast between the yellow Kibrahacha blooms and their more or less dead looking surroundings.  As seen in the photos above and below.

Drum roll, please.... that's the last of the Kibrahacha tree pictures for this year.  Probably.  I have a bunch of cool panoramic shots, but they won't work in the blog so you are spared for now.

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Johan van Blerk said...

Hi Brad, Great pictures, funny that you recognize my truck out in the mondi.
I 'only' took around a hundred pictures. But hey, I was climbing Seru Grandi trying to keep 3 kids and a wife out of the time I'll do better :)