Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Astro Time Lapse

The Milky Way is rising over the Spelonk lighthouse at the easternmost point of Bonaire. As the clip begins, the Southern Cross can be seen to the upper right of the lighthouse keepers house.  Alpha and Beta Centaurus can be seen right above the keeper's house.  Saturn and Spica make a nice pair at the top of the frame, a little to the right of the middle. Yellow white Saturn is to the upper left of blue white Spica. 
Part way into the video, the Sagittarius teapot rises along the left side of the light house towards the top of the lighthouse. 
Right at the very end, Altair rises from the lower left corner of the frame.
It was pretty cloudy and hazy, so a better video could no doubt be made at a future date.  But is was also windy and wet, with salt mist in the air.  It looks like my camera survived this time, but I  probably won't be back, unless there is no wind.

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