Friday, May 11, 2012

Foto Frenzy

Sandra and I zoomed around Bonaire yesterday looking for Kibrahacha trees in bloom.  I know where most of them are, but we saw a few that I hadn't noticed before.

Here is one  of our old favorites.  It used to be on a dirt road, but now it is a paved road.  Some houses on the hills of Sabadeco have Kibrahacha trees right in the yard.

I shot 348 pictures of Kibrahacha trees yesterday.  Good thing I wasn't using film!  So I can just about post one Kibrahacha picture per day for a year.  Ha ha.  Here is another one.

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Ellen Muller said...

Erwin thought I was crazy taking 90 photos of just ONE Kibrahacha tree! I was happy to be able to tell him that you took 348 photos of the Kibrahacha trees in bloom!