Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Busy Weekend on the Water

The wonderful waters around Bonaire are going to be a busy place this weekend, from the tippy top of the wave crests all the way down to the deep dark depths.

The 9th annual Prokids Windsurfing event will have sailors zooming around on the water's surface.  Its pretty windy these days, so it could be good....

And a research submarine will be conducting surveys at those all so mysterious 60 to 300 meter depths.  They'll dive at the town pier, the WEB pier and the Cargil pier this time around.  Wonder if they'll find any hand blown bottles downtown, that we missed back in the day.  You know, if I were going to take a submarine ride, I'd pick Karpata and Slac Bai.  Those reefs seem to keep on going down forever.

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