Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some Kibrahacha Trees Are Blooming

Although it has been very cloudy here, it has also been dry.  But we had a nice downpour the other morning and today I noticed that some of the Kibrhacha trees in the hills to the east of Mentor and North Salina are starting to blossom.
I think they will be looking nice by tomorrow and should still look great on Saturday.  If I do a before-work bike ride tomorrow, I'll check out the trees to the east of Sabadeco and further north to see if they are starting to blossom too.  My guess is that only some of the trees will pop and the rest will wait for the next big rain storm at some time in the future.

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Brad said...

Friday am update: I didn't see any flowering Kibrahach trees to the east of Sabadaco nor on the road to Rincon that begins north of Sabadeco. Could be that the trees east of Mentor are the only ones blooming right now. Localized rain is common here. We had rain in Hato this am, but the road was dry by the time I got to Sabadeco.