Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Old Sunset

We saw a mind bogglingly beautiful sunset the other evening, here on Bonaire.  I snapped a few pictures.  I haven't looked at them yet on the computer, but I doubt that they will be able to capture the glory of the event.

I've been experimenting with the free beta release of Photoshop 13.  You can go to Adobe and download it too, if you'd like to try out Photoshop (for a limited time) without plunking down the big bucks.  I've also watched a bunch of instructional videos about the new software.  One thing that caught my attention was a demo of the new version of camera raw.  The instructor commented that it seemed to cause fewer gnarly edge artifacts than the previous versions.

Well, I just happened to have a nice picture of the sun setting behind some cacti, that has awful edge artifacts.  Last night I hooked up one of the trusty E-SATA hard drives that I use for archiving my old stuff and found the original image file from the camera.  And, yes! the new camera raw let me make all sorts of adjustments without getting any nasty artifacts.

Here is a link to a few images from 2010, when I was out by Washikimba and took lots of pictures of the sun setting behind some cacti.  And below is a new improved image.  If you click it to see a larger version, you can probably see a little green along the top edge.

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