Wednesday, April 04, 2012

New Astrophoto Camera from Canon

If you browse through my blog, you'll see that one can take great astro photos with a modern DSLR.  Back in the day, Canon had a model especially for this purpose, the 20Da.  A friend of mine still uses that older camera to get great astro images.

I have a T1i that has been modified for astro photo use.  That mod instantly voided the warranty, of course.  So I'm really happy to see that Canon has decided to make it easier for all of us by coming out with a new camera optimised for astro photo use, the 60Da.
You can read about it at bhphotovideo.  My T1i is still working great, so no, I won't be lusting after a 60Da, but I'm really psyched to see that Canon is continuing to support the astronomy community.

It has been super cloudy this year, here on Bonaire.  I have one ok-ish image of the winter sky from January that I might post sometime, but Feb. and March were completely clouded out.  During the past couple evenings, Venus just went right by the Pleiades, which would have been cool, but we missed it due to overcast skies.  Grrrr.

I do have a whole list of images I want to get if and when the skies clear up here on Bonaire.

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