Tuesday, May 09, 2006

On A Clear Day....

Here is the view looking west from my favorite hilltop (Lasana) located between Rincon and Washington Park. I first wrote about this hilltop on April 11.

In this shot, you can see Rincon on the horizon. The bump at the left side of the hill is called Seru Wekua. I wrote about it back on Feb. 19. (check the archives list on the right side of this page)
I took two panoramas from Seru Wekua, called "SlacbaaiToGotomeer" and "playafrans2slacbaai."

It is fun now to look back from the other side of the valley. This shot is part of a panorama called "lookingwest1."

Here is a closer look at Curacao in the distance. My panoramas can be found on my club photo site. Posted by Picasa

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