Monday, April 25, 2005

What's Wrong With this Picture?

It's time once again for you to try to figure out what is wrong with this tranquil Bonaire waterfront scene.

You can click on this picture to see it bigger. Posted by Hello

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Jim Ruskowsky said...

It must have something to do with wind direction.
It always does.

Therefore - my guess is that once again, the wind
has shifted direction and the boats are all being
forced into an unusual direction (west) from their
anchor point.

(I am right???? what's my prize??? cheezits????)

Doug Britton said...

I think that Jim is correct. However, when the wind switches directions like this, it usually NOT a tranquil Bonaire waterfront. It usually means that the seas on this side are a little bigger. Must not have been a very strong breeze.

Jim Ruskowsky said...

Doug - Thank you for your insight - you make a very interesting point.

Now looking more carefully at the picture, my worst fear has come true. If you zoom in 500x on the person in the picture, (and perform some very intricate extrapolations) you will notice that one of her hairs is blowing toward the sea, indicating that the wind direction is indeed normal.

This can only mean one thing.

The magnetic north pole has moved just east of Bonaire, and has increased in intensity. If you once again zoom in to 1500x, you will see a small wooden hull boat, almost totally hidden behind a donkey out for a swim, which is totally unaffected by this most strange phenomenon. Brad - could you whip out your compass and confirm this theory?

(Now I know why I got lost on my way home yesterday... it all makes sense now)

Sarah Early said...

Yes, the wind reversal is true - but I know what else is wrong with this come they didn't build that little cement patio when I was living only a block from there!!! That would have been nice...:)

Anonymous said...

I'm agreeing with you guys that it is a wind reversal...with no wind :) The water is not rough, so the wind that is coming from the west must be a gentle wind. The boats are all pointed the wrong way. Would love to be there!

Terri Tangeman