Thursday, April 21, 2005

Rainy Winter Revisited

It's been windy and dry on Bonaire for a while now, but if you were reading my blog this past winter, you will remember that we had especially heavy rains.

The countries in northern South America had heavier than usual rains too, with much more serious results. There was widespread flooding, mudslides, and many casualties.

Here is a letter from one of our listeners in Guyana. It took 6 weeks to get here, so I'm sure things are drying out down there too by now. But rebuilding the damage, both physical and personal will take much longer.

We experienced a devastating flood here in Guyana. This was due to a breach of the water conservancy dam and at the same time, we experienced heavy rainfall. There wasn’t an inch of land visible. There was water everywhere. Homes were flooded. In the lower flat of our home, there was 18 inches of water and in some parts of our yard, there was approximately 36 inches of water. The streets were literally turned into rivers and the only means of transportation was by boat.
On Sunday, Jan. 16th, at 11 pm, it began to rain. I was listening to TWR.

On Monday, Jan. 17th, it was still raining and we woke up about 4:30 am and the water was at the edge of our house foundation. We started to prepare to set up our sandbags at the 2 doors to the lower flat. We started to place everything as high as we possibly could. We worked 17 hours straight, stopping just to take a snack at midday. While my parents baled the water from the doors, my brother and I were moving everything higher. It rained continuously.
On Jan. 18th, when we awoke early in the morning, we noticed the water in the lower flat was getting higher. It took us 12 hours to take our things to the upper flat and at the same time, make stands for things we could not take up. Thanks be to God, that was only after we had moved our things to safety that the water started to gush in the lower flat and it became completely flooded.
We were unable to leave our home. It is only now that the water has receded and we are able to get out. My brother was traumatized by the amount of water he saw, so please pray for him. My mom lost a few plants. We suffered no more losses. It would take us approximately 2-3 months for us to really get back to normal living. Right now we are in the process of cleaning up and it is extremely hectic and stressful.
There aren’t words to express what we went through. I would never like to experience something like this in my life again. I don’t even like to remember it.

It was TWR that helped me through that difficult time. It is our deep faith in our Lord and Savior that has helped us to cope in these tough times. We were able to praise Him even in our storms. Please ask your listeners to pray for me and my family and the people in my country.

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