Thursday, April 07, 2005

Dream Car arrives on Bonaire

There are some really amazing new mega high performance cars out there these days, according to what I read online from the auto shows etc. Of course, they all cost a zillion dollars.

This has been my favorite "bang for the buck, fun to drive, fast, yet pratical" dream car for the last few years. A couple of Richard's friends at Bucknell have them and he reports that they live up to their reputation. They are out of our price range, of course, but I freaked this week when I drove by the dealer on my way to the transmitter site and saw that one of them had actually landed on good old Bonaire.

So we stopped by our friendly Suzuki, Chevy, Isuzu, and Subaru dealer yesterday to check it out. Here Sandra gets as close as she probably ever will be. You can click on the picture to better see the drool marks I left all over fenders.Posted by Hello

Actually to be my ultimate dream car, it would need to be Subaru Rally Team Blue. That color must evoke memories of the Sunoco Blue cars that Mark Donahue drove for Roger Penske back in my impressionable teen age years. But if one can't have Rally Team Blue, I guess Mid Life Crisis Red is a good alternative.

There is a Mitsubishi dealer right down the street, so now that an Impreza WRX has hit these shores, can a Lancer EVO 9 be far behind? I suspect not. These two performance car lines are as intensely competitive as the Mustang and Camaro were in the 60's.

However, since EVO stands for Evolution, this missionary can't very well lust after one of them can he? Did I just say "lust", yikes. I wonder which is worse, lusting after a WRX or actually driving a car named Evolution, heh-heh.


Anonymous said...

Brad, I too fell in love with the REX back when they came out a few years ago. They really are a great car! Just wait until an STI comes to Bonaire :). Then you'll really have something to drool over. It is a lot of fun to wish though...

Brad said...

Yes indeedy. One of Richard's friends has the STI version and he says it is mind bogglingly unbelievable. That is really my dream car, but I'd "settle" for a regular WRX if push came to shove. heh-heh

Richard is planning to buy a Impreza wagon when he graduates this spring. But he is going to get the non-turbo version because his friends say that it gets "interesting" when you are driving in snow and the turbo kicks in!

I saw a shop out west selling Japan spec. Subaru engines on eBay (about 250hp) all set up to drop into a VW dune buggy. Now that would make a nice Bonaire dream car too. Our dune buggy was a blast and it only had 40-50 hp.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to that buggy? I remember asking Dad if I could ride home from church with you on Sundays :) Ah ... the memories. I really do like the boxer engines in the Subarus. They really are a good engine. Just wish the WRX had a little more head room and leg space in it. It really is a pleasure to drive though.