Saturday, November 06, 2004

New Dishes on the way

Remember all those Sunday School lessons and flannelgraph pictures of the Old Testament priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant on their shoulders with long poles? And what happened when they put it in a cart? Well, apparently the loving efforts of all you teachers out there was not lost on our creative crew.

The task was to lower a heavy cage of rebar and giant bolts into a deep hole. They did it quite handily by attaching two long poles (I-Beams) to the cage and carrying it Old Testament style!

From left to right, Benny, Rich, Rich, Ivan, and Udo. You can click on these pictures to see them bigger.

Our antenna farm is growing again. All the bare naked white poles are left over from dishes that were removed when we downsized. The two holes on the right are where the new 4.6 meter dishes (about the size of the two on the left) will go in. Intelsat rents space on our site for dishes and a rack full of gear they use to remotely monitor some of their communications satellites. This income helps reduce our operating costs here on Bonaire.

This is the dish on which we receive our Portuguese programming live from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The tower in the background supports the STL (studio-transmitter link) antennas.

This tower supports the STL antennas aimed at our transmitter site on the south end of the island, and also the STL antenna aimed at our FM transmitter on the north end of the island. Posted by Hello

The STL antenna for the FM seems to be hidden on the back side of the tower. That funny antenna lowest on the tower is a receive antenna for our FM monitoring gear.

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