Saturday, November 06, 2004

FTP to the Rescue

Every evening, we broadcast programs in Creole for Haiti and the Haitians living throughout the Caribbean. One of them is Thru the Bible, a five year survey of the entire Bible. TTB Creole is recorded and produced by our partner in the Dominican Republic.

They used to send us a weekly packet of CDs by FedEx, but now they are posting the programs on the TWR ftp server so we can download them. This will save a lot of money in shipping charges and we also get the programs much more quickly.

I think this means that we now get every single program that we broadcast by either satellite or over the internet. No more tapes, cassettes, or even CDs. Yippie! Posted by Hello

This is a screen shot showing the TTB Creole programs on the TWR server, and the local drive that I'll be saving them to. You can click on the picture to make it bigger and more legible.

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