Friday, July 23, 2004

Thursday Snorkel Report

We did another sunset snorkel on Thursday after work.  This time we went in at Andrea 1 and went as far as Andrea 2.

The water was again quite calm and pretty clear, but not as clear as on Tue. and Sun.  We saw a big grouper that hangs out there, a turtle, squid, eels, some very large parrot fish, some chubby chubbs, and a small shark.  There are some sharks that hang out between Andrea 2 and the Sabadeco pier, that many people have seen.  We even saw one when we went by on the Aquaspace glass bottomed trimiran sailboat.   This was one of the small ones, and he was quite active, swimming to and fro in 10 to 15 feet of water.

The 5 chubbs were big enough that I started wondering about what would happen if they turned mean, as I hovered just a few feet away from them.   Most reef fish are "cute", but these guys had more of a presence.  I guess I've seen too many movies.


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