Monday, July 19, 2004

Outdoor Adventures

Now that cousin Bud Gillan is here visiting us, we're getting some quality time out and about in the nature wonderland that is Bonaire.
Saturday morning found me out on my road bike on wet roads, enjoying a rainbow over Rincon, a pig in the road by Dos Pos, and "electric pink" Flamingos on the road at Gotto Lake. 
Sandra and Bud saw some HUGE fish on their afternoon snorkel at Andrea II.
On Sunday afternoon, we had a great snorkel from Oil Slick Leap south to the dive site marked Barkadera.   I'd highly recommend this as one of the best shallow water snorkels on Bonaire.  On yesteday's visit, the water was very clear, and although the wind was generating chop, there was little current.  I may see if I can drag Bud back there and see if I can get some pictures with our cheapo underwater camera.
We then stopped by the beach at Eden Park, the new home of the Bonaire Webcams, and saw a great green flash as the sun set.
After that, it was on to China Nobo for some great Chinese takeout, which we ate out at the Willemstoren light house at the South point of Bonaire.  There was a teeny tiny sliver of a moon that quickly set, and then the sky was about as dark and clear as it can get here on Bonaire.  The Milky Way streched from horizon to horizon, showed lots of dark lanes and structure, and a bunch of Messier objects were easily spotted with the naked eye.
Topping it all off were a couple of super low slow bright meteors.  One was orangy in color and the other was magnesium white and left a trail. 

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