Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Program flow / great Feedback

In my last post I observed that maintaining our equipment and facilities here on Bonaire is an ongoing neverending effort.

Keeping a steady stream of programs on the air is like walking on a neverending treadmill too. As soon as Monday, the 23rd of Feb. is history, we get busy loading in the programs for Monday the 1st of March. And so it goes.

We regularly pray for our program producers, who are literally all over the world, and for the programs as the make their way here by mail, FedEx, FTP, and HTTP. We are currently waiting for some overdue programs in the Haitian Creole language. Delivery has probably been delayed by the Carnival holidays here in the Caribbean.

Living on a small island like we do, we don't often get to connect with the people who listen to our broadcasts. We know that we have listeners throughout the Caribbean and the top half of South America, but they are out of sight even though they are not out of mind. So we are really happy when we do hear a story from a listener, like we just did this past week.

We heard from Lemuel, the director of our Spanish language ministries. He reports that the pastor of a sizable church in Colombia has been listening since he was 10 years old - together with his 8 brothers. They lived in the jungles of Colombia and their father made them listen to the programs, Bible in hand and the radio on the table. Today this man is one of the leading evangelicals of Colombia. He told Lemuel, "I am grateful for the ministry of TWR. Because of the ministry from Bonaire I have become a Christian and serve the Lord today."

We'll be celebrating TWR's 40th year of broadcasting from Bonaire later this year. It is great to hear that the faithful proclamation of the Gospel has produced a lasting legacy spanning generations.

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