Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Creole pgm. Arrives / TWR initiative in S America

The overdue Creole programs arrived late Tuesday afternoon, in time for Renata to process the first one and get it into the system for airing last night.

If you haven't checked out the official TWR web site lately, it has been redesigned and is quite interesting. I learned a lot in my brief visit this morning. Here is the latest from the web site about our ministry to Latin America. I've even cleaned up a couple typos. (and probably added some of my own!)

At present, TWR partners with 500 stations in Latin America, to which it's been broadcasting for 40 years.

With City Lights, TWR will connect mission-minded churches and individuals throughout the U.S. with Latin American churches and radio stations to resource production, distribution, airtime and follow-up in cities like Bogotà (Colombia), La Paz (Bolivia) and Sao Paulo (Brazil).

TWRÂ’s partner offices in eight Latin American countries already are producing quality original programs that will be used for this project. Broadcasts are geared to meet the needs of children, youth, women and families. TWR's Latin American partner offices also will distribute the City Lights programs to a network of affiliate stations and link the project to appropriate on-the-ground ministries or missionaries already working in a particular city.

Latin America desperately needs to hear a clear message of hope and salvation. Each year, millions of children there and in the Caribbean are mistreated, abused and exploited sexually; and 90 million live in conditions of poverty. Approximately two million adults and children are living with HIV/AIDS, and nearly 575 people in the region are infected every day ( 2003). Churches also face pressures of disintegrating families-some countries averaging half of all marriages ending in divorce.

“Turning on the light of the Gospel in key cities no doubt will result in radicand lastinging life change for millions of Latino children, youth and adults,” says Tom Corcoran, international director for The Americas.

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