Monday, February 02, 2004

Airco Project Update

Now that the standby generator is in and the new internet connections seems to be working well, work continues on the second half of the studio airconditioning plant rebuild and the storage container move. I don't think I've mentioned the containers before so stay tuned for more on that one.

The airco compressors and controls are located in the airco room. Outside, just on the other side of the wall is the airco pit, where the chiller barrels and condenser coils are located.

We've stripped out the guts of the old condenser unit and are using it as an enclosure for the new chiller barrels. The new condenser unit is elevated above the old unit. This makes for pretty easy access for all the components and fittings.

Here is a photo in the compressor room showing a compressor, some of the control wiring, and looking out through a hole in the wall towards the airco pit.

Here is a photo of the new chiller barrel, sitting in the old condenser housing and looking back towards the hole in the wall and the airco room.

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