Sunday, February 15, 2004

Airco Update

We are back on line this weekend after not having our internet connection at home all week.
I'm feeling stronger following my bout with the flu. Did some hoeing of weeds in the yard on Friday and Saturday. Even went for an easy bike ride on Saturday.

The guys have gotten the second half of the airconditioning system running. I heard it was cooling the water like crazy. I guess that is a good thing. Here is a picture of the chiller barrel with all the piping and sensors installed.

It kind of looks like a high tech "still" to me, heh-heh. Actually we did used to have a still out at the transmitter site back in the day. We used it to make super pure water for the vapor phase cooling system in two of the transmitters.

More pictures will probably be forthcoming after the pipes are insulated and cleaned up.

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