Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sunday afternoon Photos

This is the view from near the radar installation at the top of the hill above Bopec. I was able to ride my bike all the way up the dirt road to the radar site when it was new and smooth, but now it is quite eroded and I can barely push my bike up it. Brandaris is on the horizon at the left side and the road around Goto Lake is at the right.
This is the view looking SW from the scenic overlook above Rincon not too far from all the cell and radio towers. I was hoping for a great image of Rincon but that didn't pan out. Looking back towards the setting sun was nice though. The sky really looked pretty much like this picture shows it, but the foreground stuff was somewhat lighter in tone than this image shows. I had to ride hard to get back home before dark after taking this photo.

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Marty Montour said...

Hey Brad,
Just wanted to say thanks for the updates all the time. I like seeing what is going on and the pictures are fantastic! Keep up the good work.