Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Midnight Building Supply visits IBCB

About 200 cement blocks and a bunch of bags of cement were stolen from the International Bible Church of Bonaire building construction site last night.
A report has been filed with the police.
Hmmm, maybe it is time to do a Sunday School class about "Imprecatory Prayer." But then again, maybe not.

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John_f_Stoner @ hot said...

Bonaire sure has changed over the years. Most people of Bonaire would never even think of taking any thing that was not theirs when we lived on Bonaire back in 1963 to 69. We never even had a key to any one of the four houses we lived in. We kept the keys in our cars Egn. to start it never to lock it! Very,Very sad. I think Imprecatory Prayer would be appropriate. Jack Stoner <>< <>< <><