Thursday, February 17, 2011

Moon Video

I was out last night to try to get some video of the International Space Station passing overhead. Well, the space station put on a great show, but I failed miserably in my video attempt.

So I consoled myself with shooting the moon, which was nice enough to just hang up there in the sky for me.
The video below was made with a stationary telescope so the rotation of the earth makes the moon seem to glide slowly through the field of view. You can also see our nice Bonaire breezes jiggling the scope from time to time. You can see some wavering in the image from atomospheric turbulence too, but it wasn't too bad last night.
It looks like the camera adaptor doesn't hold the camera flat relative to the focal plane of the scope. The left side is in better focus than the right side. I'll check into that.
The 720p version looks ok when viewed full screen and is an iteresting simulation of what one would see while looking through a telescope.

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