Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wind Farm Update

Back on August 8, we drove by the emerging Bonaire wind farm on our way back from Washington Park. This completed pad looks like prop left over from the movie "Men in Black". They've been busy since the last time I visited the site. All the pads are poured and most of the wind turbine components are stacked nearby.

They were offloading the first of the towers as we passed by. They say that big crain is here from Curacao for the project. It's been a week now, since we were there, so I'll have to head back soon and see if they've stood that post up yet.

Here's Sandra doing her best Vanna White impression by one of the rotor hubs. Actually it reminds me of "Lets Make a Deal." Do you want what's behind door number 2 or curtain number 3?

Here are some of the rotor blades. The outer ends have up-swept tips, like modern airplane wings. And the inner ends have little brush-like bristles where the blade meets the hub.

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