Sunday, August 16, 2009

Root Beer - a Blast from the Past

We made some home made root beer a couple weeks ago. This is something my family has done since I was a little kid.
Home made root beer is basically water, sugar, a little yeast, and some flavoring. We used to use Hires flavoring. Now we use Shanks.
After a week it is fizzy enough to enjoy. After two weeks it is about ready to burst the bottles and the yeast has eaten up much of the sugar. So we put it all in the fridge to stablize the stuff. This tangy root beer is absolutely amazing with vanilla ice cream. Can you say "Root Beer Float?" We have a bunch of 40 year old (maybe more) bottles that we use when we make root beer. Modern bottles can't handle the pressures generated by the do it yourself brew.
We used to only make root beer in the summer in Massachusetts and New Jersey, because one needs the hot weather to keep the yeast going. Here on Bonaire, one can make root beer at any time, of course.

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