Sunday, September 02, 2007

Tim Klingbeil Visits Bonaire

Tim Klingbeil, the TWR international director for the Americas region,was with us here on Bonaire this past Wednesday and Thursday. It was Tim's first visit to Bonaire.Tim is talking on what Sandra and I call "the batphone" an IP phone that appears as an extension on the TWR, North Carolina, office switchboard. In the foreground, you can see the old school video projector that we use to participate in the North Carolina office staff meeting each week. The tech. guys have tried a few different methods, but we usually video conference with Skype, believe it or not.
We had a staff dinner party with Tim Klingbeil at the office on Wednesday evening. On the left side of the picture, you can see Cees and Clary Bijl, who have just arrived from Canada, to join us for three months as volunteers.

Tim Klingbeil was with on when we joined the Cary, NC office staff meeting on Thursday morning. It was an interesting experience for him, since he is often on the other side of the camera at these meetings. The highlight of Thursday's meeting was an auction of no-longer-needed office plants to raise money for the Americas region Poster Antenna Project. (I'll have to fill you in on poster antennas soon.)

We were able to participate in the auction through our Skype connection, but shipping the plants to Bonaire would have been a bear. So a number of the Bonaire staff members successfully bid on plants to be placed in Tim Klingbeil's North Carolina office. You can see the results in the above Carol Witthun photo. Tim retaliated by winning the auction for a plant and designating it for a co-workers' office.

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