Sunday, September 02, 2007

Saturday Bike Ride

I try to get in a long bike ride on as many Saturday mornings as possible. This past Saturday, I got back home just before a big rain squally hit us, whew! This week, I started in Hato and rode to Rincon on the upper one of the two dirt roads that begin just north of Sabadeco. I continued to and through Washington Park, and then road home along the East coast, on dirt roads as far as Boca Onima and then on the main paved road. The red line on the map shows the track of my ride. The short section where the loops merge to one red line is the area of the Washington Park entrance. The lowermost point of the red track is at the traffic circle by the TWR offices. I would normally ride out to the Park on the East side of Bonaire, to take advantage of a tail wind, and then come back on the West, in the relative shelter of the hills, but because there wasn't much wind this past week, I rode it backwards so to speak.
The chart shows elevation vs. distance. For those of you who are into Miles and Feet, the ride was 38.95 miles. It took three hours and 28 minutes. That's pretty slow, but I think of this ride as more of a survival thing than a race, due to the roughness of the Washington Park roads and the summer heat here on Bonaire. Race pace (for me) on this route would be about three hours.

The Washington Park loop part of the ride was 29.4 kilometers.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brad,
That looks like a good ride! I visited Bonaire a few months ago, took my mountain bike along and did some exploring, including going out with Miguel for a ride around the race circuit which was fun. I was tempted to head into the national park but didn't... so thanks for writing up your ride. It's inspiration for next time.