Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hurricane Felix Misses Bonaire

Hurricane Felix missed Bonaire last night. We are very thankful for that. The storm wasn't that organized Saturday morning, but by the time it reached our longitude, it had developed into a for real hurricane.

It was just far enough north of us that we only had a bunch of rain and some strongish backwards winds. The backwards rain found its way into buildings that normally don't leak, and I know of two yachts washed up on the shore.

The airport remained open all night and we heard the KLM flight leave on time. American Airlines and Continental Airlines flights were delayed but still flying.

The power also remained on all night, our AM and FM transmitters stayed on the air, and most resorts on the island have checked in and reported no damage. You can read updates at the Bonaire Insider web site.
I was awakened by one of the computers at Trans World Radio, which was calling to report "dead air" on the FM station. I actually got a number of calls between 04:30 and 05:15, but I kept the radio on and they all turned out to be false alarms, grrrrrr. Since we were awake, we went out and checked up on the dogs. They were dry and in good spirits. We also watched the Tropical Update on the Weather Channel at 04:50 and saw that Felix was just passing due North of us.
The rain pretty much tapered off by 8:30 am. and the wind is back to the correct direction and the sun is out now. (5 pm.)

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