Monday, July 23, 2007

WEB Happenings

Not the worldwide web, but the water and electricity utility here on Bonaire. Back in Feb. I wrote about the plans for wind power in Bonaire's future. There is a shiny new wind turbine out by Sorobon. It looks pretty sophisticated compared to the old one, which by the way, can be found in a lot across the street from the Lisa Gas station. Recently I noticed that work is underway to dismantle the big generator building in Hato. In the above photo, you can see that the big muffler units and the tall left side of the building are already gone. Half of the modular generator units, some of which can be seen in the foreground, have been moved to the WEB power plant at the TWR transmitter site as well.
Of course, we still have the occasional power outage. We were setting up for the morning church service yesterday, when the electricity went off. Walt brought in his portable generator, which had recently seen service powering our kid's camp, so we had lights, fans and the PA system.
Rich West had previously wired the building's power panel to make it easy to switch from WEB power to standby power. Here we see Ernie and Walt double checking the circuit breaker settings before plugging his generator into the system.

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