Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fire Follow-up

Believe it or not, that house north of Habitat (see the post below this one) caught back on fire Friday evening. I was out at a kids camp in the Bonairian boondocks between Amboina and Roi Lamunchi and missed the whole thing.

The really wild angle on this concerns Sandra's cousins, Bud and Nancy Ann Gillan, who have been here on Bonaire visiting us. They were enjoying a Savory Sunset Supper at the Lion's Den restaurant on Thursday when Nancy Ann saw flames spouting from the roof of that house. They told the restaurant manager, who called it in to the fire department. He said it took a little convincing before they believed him that it really was a serious blaze. But they responded, and the fire truck from Rincon came too, which made it a two alarm fire I'd say.

Fast forward to the next day, Friday evening, where we find Bud and Nancy Ann again enjoying a Sumptuous Sunset Supper, on the patio at Den Laman this time. Nancy Ann looked up and saw.... insert trumpet fanfare here...... flames sprouting from the roof of that same house north of Habitat. They again told the restaurant manager, who called it in, and the fire trucks responded again to deal with it.

Bud says it is getting to be like some sort of bad movie or something, where every time his wife looks at a house, the roof catches on fire. Bonaire homeowners can rest easy, Nancy Ann is back home now, so your roofs are safe. Now Bud has visited Bonaire probably a gazillion times since first coming here in the mid-sixties. I'll bet that this is one visit that will be indelibly burned in his memory. (pun intended-Bud is a master of the painful pun so this is pun payback)

Speaking of fires, one of my favorite bands, Relient-K, just had a close encounter with a fire on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. They were in their bus when it caught on fire. They all got out safely, but lost most of their stuff, including their musical instruments, PA gear, all their personal effects, laptops with half written songs on them etc. You can read about it here, if you are interested in the band.

The article closed with a great quote about the twists and turns of life: With characteristic wit, singer-songwriter Thiessen assessed Thursday’s fire. “It’s funny to be onstage playing for 75,000 people having a great time, at the height of your element,” he said. “Then hours later standing outside by a burning bus with no shoes on, feeling basically like a refugee.”

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