Thursday, July 05, 2007

Independance Day, July 5!

Today is Independence Day in Venezuela, so our Trans World Radio co-workers in the office there are enjoying a well deserved holiday. A bunch of them just got back from visiting seven schools and one church with Pedrito el Pulpo on the island of Margarita, so I'm sure they are grateful for a chance to recuperate a bit.

Of course, holiday or not, the TWR radio programs from Bonaire wend their way to Venezuela each morning. Well, except for when I goofed up the automation system logs and it played the same programs two days in a row. Arrrrrrg! We hear about it too, when things go wrong, so we know there are lots of listeners out there. TWR has been averaging about 240 responses a month to the Despertar RTM "wake up" program so far this year, but they aren't all in response to my computer mistakes, ha-ha.

I was just reading some extracts from the various letters, emails and calls received in the last month or so. There were a few young adults who reported that they've listened since they were kids, and their mothers had the station on at home. On the other hand, a woman who calls herself a new believer says she listens early in the morning and that the programs build her up a lot. Encouragement, and spiritual and personal growth seem to be common themes in many of these responses.

One person called the programs food for the soul. That has a nice ring to it. Here's how the original reads in Spanish. "Desde algún tiempo he querido comunicarme con ustedes para felicitarlos una vez más por sus programas, cada día son de alimento para el alma. El Señor los continúe bendiciendo, pues son muchos los hogares que son llenos de paz , gracias a este ministerio."

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