Thursday, March 15, 2007

SeruLargu to Sabadeco Bike Ride

I did a cool bike ride after work today. It may not be doable for too much longer, because of housing development going on East of Sabadeco.

The ride starts at the WEB power plant in Hato and goes straight up the hill on the dirt road to the water tanks in Republic. But you hang a right turn only part way up the hill and traverse on soon-to-be-paved dirt roads over to the normal road to Republic.
You head downhill on the Republic road part of the way back to North Salina, and then hang a hard left turn onto the road that goes up Seru Largu. According to my GPS, it looks like the Seru Largu road climbs about 310 feet in about a half mile. It's a killer hill on a road bike, but not too bad on a mountain bike.

About 20 feet before the top of the Seru Largu paved road, you hang a left onto a dirt road that continues to climb all the way up to the new radar tower at the tippy top of the hill.

Then you take a linked series of dirt roads over the top of the hill and down the other side all the way to the new construction East of Sabadeco. The first half is fairly decent double track, but it deteriorates to barely ride-able rock strewn trails.

The trail ends right between lot 62 and lot 63 in the area that is being developed for housing. There are small connecting paths between some of the other Sabadeco communities, so maybe, just maybe, this trail head will still be accessible even after all the houses are built.
Then you finish the ride on the normal paved roads from Sabadeco back to the WEB plant in Hato. It's only around six miles, and could even be done as a hike, but it is an adventure none the less.

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