Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Photos Linked to Google Earth Maps

I have most of my Bonaire photos at Club Photo, and some large scale ones at "xs.to hosting".

But I'm putting new photos on the "Panoramio" photo hosting site. The cool thing about this site is that if you include location information with your photo, it will eventually connected to a click-able link on the Google Earth maps. So if you haven't yet downloaded the free Google Earth software for your computer, here is another reason to do it.

There are a bunch of very nice photos of Bonaire already linked to the Google Earth map of Bonaire. For example, you can click on the little round thingie by the airport and see a close up picture of the airport.

I've uploaded some aerial photos of Bonaire locations, some of which I haven't posted online before. I think they can be viewed right now, by clicking the Panoramio link, and hopefully, withing a month or so, by clicking on the little dots on the Google Earth map of Bonaire. There can be a considerable lag between the time one posts a photo to Panoramio, and when a link to it appears on Google Earth, and they don't promise that all photos will be linked.

I'll be adding more photos on the Panoramio site, so you might want to check it out from time to time. You can click on a thumbnail to see the picture bigger. There is also a link to a full size version of the picture. It looks likek panoramio will support huge files.

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