Thursday, January 25, 2007

Washington Park Panorama

Back at the end of December, I climbed a hill that on my topographical survey map is called "Matado di Pasku." It was about a two mile hike from the main park road to the top of the hill and back. Along the way, I saw the cool rocks and the calabash pods that I've already mentioned in previous posts.

I think that I might have had a better view from the slightly higher hill to the North, (called Seru Largu on the map) but since I'm in the process of climbing all the significant hills, this one needed climbing. I wasn't disappointed by the view because it was more hazy back in the summer, when I climbed Seru Largu (twice.)

Here is a panorama of what one can see from the top of Matado di Pasku. It covers the full 360 degrees. If you have a broadband connection check out this 1.4 meg version of this picture. You can see a lot of detail if your browser doesn't re-size it.


Doug said...

Wow, that full size panorama is really fantastic. It is interesting how the one view shows how green the island is right now, while the other view shows some of the sparsity of foliage on the hillsides. Great shots!

Anonymous said...

great panorama - the visitor site map was ver interesting