Monday, June 12, 2006

Bill Early Back on the Air

Long time listeners to Trans World Radio - Bonaire still ask us about some of the people that they used to hear on the air. Radio is a form of mass media from our transmitting side, but when seen from the receiving side, individual listeners form very strong bonds with the radio hosts that they listen to night after night.

After an absence of many years, Bill Early is back on the air, seven nights a week, hosting our evening English language programming from 10pm to Midnight. A number of listeners have already contacted us telling us how glad they are to hear Bill again.

Although our listeners assume that Bill is living on Bonaire again, he's actually still in Pennsylvania, representing TWR regionally, and also doing creative scriptwriting work for our worldwide ministry.

Here's how it works. I make notes about each program, when I listen to it a week or more before it is scheduled to be on the air. Those notes get emailed to Bill, he records his chatty voice bits about the programs, I download them from TWR's ftp site, and our handy dandy automation system puts it all together on the air. Well, that's the gist of it anyway.

Bill, together with Joanna Bernhart, who also used to live here on Bonaire, is also corresponding with and counseling our listeners as they email us or write to us in response to our programs. So international radio can be a pretty personal means of communication in some cases.

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