Sunday, August 21, 2005

Kellners are Back

Trans World Radio has introduced many families to the wonders of Bonaire during the more than 40 years that we have been broadcsting from this little island. Many of the kids who spent some of their formative years here eventually make a pilgramage back to Bonaire to check out their old stomping grounds. My wife, Sandra, and I became a couple when she visited the island to check out her roots.

MK Mark Kellner garnered a mention, but no picture, in my blog, when he returned after some 31 years, in Nov. 2004, to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary with his wife Sue.

Mark was back on Bonaire again this past week with his daughter and his dad. I still don't have a picture of Mark. I think he was under water most of the time he was here. But I did snap a picture of Bob Kellner checking out the vibration isolating fabric bellows his late wife made for the studio building air handler unit, before they first came to Bonaire, some 35 years ago.

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