Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Curacao and Back

There was absolutely no wind yesterday morning (Tue.) when I woke up. Normally I would take advantage of such a rare event to go for a speedy road bike ride. But I only had time for a short mtn. bike ride, because it was visit the doctor in Curacao day.

We took the Divi Divi puddle jumper plane, which is really laid back. More like hopping on a bus than a plane. When we flew back to Bonaire that afternoon, the air was super clear and the sun was behind us, and we got the best views of Bonaire that I've ever seen. I was wishing I had brought my camera, of course, but we enjoyed it none the less.

Curacao was fine. We rented a Toyota Yaris Hatchback (smaller than an Echo) and zoomed hither and yon. Visited a nice big bike shop and to see if there was any market for some carbon fiber race wheels I have left over from my road bike racing days. There is an active cycling community in Curacao, but no one seems to ride sew ups these days, so the wheels will likely end up on eBay one day.

We visited a candy store, a warehouse store where we bought Santo Domingo coffee that one can no longer get on Bonaire, the BMW/Land Rover dealer, Subway, and of course the doctor, where we learned that Sandra is doing great.

We flew back to Bonaire on the last flight of the day with most of the same seven other passengers that were on the plane in the morning. Bonaire sure seemed quiet and sleepy after spending the day in Curacao.

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